2 thoughts on ““Justice be don…

  1. This quote has been used in a derogative manner concerning the corrupt dealings of certain CIA operations related to conspiracies like the JFK and Colonel James Sabow assassinations.

  2. Does anybody have any information that they would want to divulge that could land a high ranking member of the government in hot water. You want to tell someone but you don’t know who to tell. You might not want to tell someone that has loyalties to the individual(s) that would suffer from it. You see what happens is “loose lips sinks ship”, lets say you are the adjutant commander of this military base. You uncover manifests that don’t match up. What was suppose to be weapons and equipment turns out to be opium products. So you contact the Gen. who is the base commander, he says we will have to take it slow, tell me everything you know, how and where you got this info, who else knows and what have you done so far, then let me take care of the rest, say nothing to no one. A month or so goes by and the Judge Advocate General’s division sends an investigator to talk to you about some misuse you had with an aircraft that you used in flying in a base person that routinely gets lifts according to standard policy. They tell you that while doing this you carried some contraband which is something that should have been covered legally on the manifest. As a result they tell you you can resign or get a courts-martial. You have been in long enough so it only makes sense to resign. However you are now thinking that this was all done to prevent you from following up on the opium story. So you call the Gen. and tell him that you have decided to take Scotty’s advice and hang in there and fight it. So you go for the trial. The next morning some guys show up knocking at your back door. Now you believe them to be intelligence officers wanting to hear the story of the opium. You put your police dog up in the garage, turn down your TV set and invite them in. After some exchanges of information you are feeling some what relieved in what you are doing and take them back towards your office in the house when all of a sudden you feel something hit you on the back of the head. Later that day the news has blasted your suicide. So there were so stories that leaked out that you used a military aircraft to make some trips with friends for a golf outing. Your not the only one kill two birds with one stone building up flight time. But how can murder and cover ups be so easily passed on through the command. The answer is simple, most of the field grade officers have spent some time in combat. Most can recall involvement in covert operations at one time or another when they had to take some human lives. When you get use to one person is not much different than another. So if you have to ask one of your problem solvers to get a potential trouble maker out of the picture it’s easy to make happen. Eventually things will have to change to prevent this from being a problem again so you end getting the base closed. You also have everybody that was a problem taken out of the way, usually when you make things real difficult for them they have more things to worry about and drop the case. If you don’t this happens just look those associated with the late Colonel James Sabow or the Kennedy family.

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